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Department of Mechanical Engineering



Dr. Maruthi B H
M.Tech., Ph.D
About the Department
The objective of the Department is to impart mechanical skills of highest quality to the blooming engineers. The faculty to students ratio is 1: 15. Mechanical Engineering emphasizes on Machine Design, Materials and Manufacturing, Thermal Engineering and also interdisciplinary areas like CAD/CAM/CAE/HVAC, Automation, Mechatronics, FEM etc.
In the year 2007-08 M.Tech course in Machine Design was started with the intake of 18students and in the year 2014-15, M.Tech course in Thermal Engineering was started. The Mechanical Engineering program dedicates itself to providing students with a set of skills, knowledge and attitudes that will permit its graduates to succeed and thrive as engineers and leaders. The Department provides opportunities to visit esteemed institutes and organizations likeIISc, NAL, DRDO, ADA etc.
The Department is Proud to have qualified faculties belonging to various streams of engineering specialization naming Design Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Material Science, Thermal Engineering, Aerodynamics and Mechatronics. All the qualified faculty members possess master degree in their respective discipline, and most of whom are doctoral degree holders.
Department Vision
To be a value based globally recognized department through academic excellence by fostering research and innovation to meet societal needs.
Department Mission
  • To impart quality education through effective teaching learning techniques with industrial collaboration.
  • To develop research facilities with collaborative environment that stimulates staffs and students.
  • To groom students with skill based knowledge for employability.
Sl. No. Name of the faculty Qualification Designation Total Exp
1 Dr. K Channakeshavalu B.E (Mech) M.E (MMC) Awarded Prof. & Principal 32
2 Dr. Maruthi B H B.E (Mech) M.E (MMD) Awarded Prof. & Head 20
3 Dr. Satish Babu B B.E (Mech) M.Tech (PT) Awarded Professor 15
4 Dr. Gangareddy C B.E (Mech) M.E (Mech) Awarded Visiting Professor 20
5 Prof. Sathyanarayana Makam B.E (Mech) M.Sc. (Engg.) - Visiting Professor 46
6 Dr. Puttaswamaiah S B.E (Mech) M.Tech (TE) Awarded Assoc. Professor 14
7 Dr. Punith Gowda K B.E (Mech) M.Tech (AMT) Awarded Assoc. Professor 11
8 Mr. Chidanand Prasad R B.E (Mech) M.Tech (MMD) (Ph.D) Assoc. Professor 12
9 Prof. Guruprasad H L B.E (Mech) M.Tech (CIM) (Ph.D) Assoc. Professor 13
10 Mr. Aravind K U B.E (Mech) M.Tech (MMD) (Ph.D) Assoc. Professor 20
11 Mr. Rudresh M B.E (Mech) M. Tech (Design) (Ph.D) Assoc. Professor 8
12 Mrs. Shwethashree B B.E (Mech) M.Tech (Mech) - Asst. Prof. 12
13 Mr. Santhosh Kumar H N B.E (Mech) M.Tech (AMT) (Ph.D) Asst. Prof. 7
14 Mr. Venkatesh N B.E (Mech) M.Tech (AMT) (Ph.D) Asst. Prof. 7
15 Mr. Harish H B.E (Mech) M.Tech (Manuf.) (Ph.D) Asst. Prof. 6
16 Mr. Shivraj J B.E (Mech) M.Tech (MMD) - Asst. Prof. 8
17 Mr. Gunesh N Ravnikar B.E (Mech) M.Tech (Thermal) (Ph.D) Asst. Prof. 5
18 Mr. Sreekanth A B.E (Mech) M.Tech (Thermal) - Asst. Prof. 6
19 Mrs. Annapoorna K B.E (Mech) M.Tech (PE) (Ph.D) Asst. Prof. 5
20 Mr. Murali B H B.E (Mech) M.Tech (Manuf.) - Asst. Prof. 6
21 Mr. Vijayashri Nagaral B.E (Mech) M.Tech (PE & ST) - Asst. Prof. 4
22 Mr. Mruthunjay Manchali B.E (Mech) M.Tech (MTP) - Asst. Prof. 4
23 Mr. Anil P B.E (Mech) M.Tech (APT) (Ph.D) Asst. Prof. 4
24 Mr. Umesh Babu G B.E (Mech) M.Tech (MMD) - Asst. Prof. 6
25 Mr. Manjunath O B.E (Mech) M.Tech (MMD) (Ph.D) Asst. Prof. 5
26 Mr. Nithin S K B.E (Mech) M.Tech (MMD) - Asst. Prof. 3
27 Mr. Pradeep M S B.E (Mech) M.Tech (MMD) - Asst. Prof. 3
28 Mr. Ajay Krishna T M B.E (Mech) M.Tech (MMD) - Asst. Prof. 6
29 Mr. Vivekananda Prabhu B.E (Mech) M.S (AME) - Asst. Prof. 8