East West Institute of Technology

Department of Information Science and Engineering

About the Department


To provide quality Technical Education in Information Science & Engineering with Enriched Knowledge and Research Skills to Meet the Emerging Challenges with Ethical values



M1To prepare students with strong fundamental concepts, analytical capability, programming and problem solving skills
M2To impart Technical knowledge inculcating real time research experience to promote industrial & societal needs
M3To motivate and encourage skill based activities for transforming creative ideas to real time workable products
M4To prepare graduates to meet carrier challenges with a blend of social, human and ethical values

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


The graduates will have the ability to apply basic technical knowledge in the field of Information Science & Engineering to design and develop solutions.
PEO2The graduates will succeed in proposing innovative ideas with substantial technical skills to achieve excellence in their career.
PEO3The graduates will be able to meet the challenges with a blend of social commitment and Ethical values.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)


PSO1Graduates will be able to understand and apply technical knowledge and skills to solve real time problems in the field of Information Science and Engineering.
PSO2Graduates can analyze, design and implement the innovative ideas to model real world problems using Programming and Algorithms to provide solutions with Ethical and Management principles.


1. 21 Years of Academic Excellence
2. Best University Results
3. Qualified and Experienced Faculty Members
4. Department placement Assistance Cell
5. More than 90% Placements
6. Good Infrastructure
7. Well Equipped Laboratories
8. Wi-fi Campus
9. Curricular and extracurricular activities
10. Department Library
11. Student Mentoring System
12. Industry Institute Interaction
13. Department Club Activities