East West Institute of Technology

Department of Civil Engineering

Faculty Members

1Dr. M S NAGARAJA GUPTAPROFESSOR & HODM.E, MBA, Ph.D, 29 YEARSSolid Waste Management, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Soil Pollution Studies, Air Pollution.
2Dr. SHASHISHEKHAR T RASSOCIATE PROFESSORM.Sc, Ph.D15 YEARSWater and Wastewater Treatment, Industrial effluent Treatment, Environmental Impact Assesment, Photocatalysis, Utilization of Nano materials in pollution abatement.
4Mrs. ASHWINI GASSOCIATE PROFESSORM.E (PSC), (Ph.D)12 YEARSPrestressed concrete structures, Masonry Structures.
5Mrs. GEETHA KASSOCIATE PROFESSORM.Tech (STR), (Ph.D)16 YEARSStructural Engineering, Concrete Technology.
6Ms. MAMATHA AASSISTANT PROFESSORM.Tech (STR), (Ph.D)13 YEARSStructural Engineering, Concrete Technology.
7Mr. VIJAY KUMAR DASSISTANT PROFESSORM.Tech (STR) 13 YEARSStructural Analysis, Steel Structures, RCC Structures.
8Mr. ARUN KUMAR H RASSISTANT PROFESSORM.Tech (STR), (Ph.D)10 YEARSStructural Engineering, Concrete Technology.
9Mrs. SREEDEVI RASSISTANT PROFESSORM.Tech (WLM), (Ph.D)8.5 YEARSWater Resource, Ground Water Hydraulics.
10Mrs. USHA K NASSISTANT PROFESSORM.Tech (STR) 8 YEARSStructural Engineering, Concrete Technology.
11Mr. MOHAN KASSISTANT PROFESSOR M.Tech (STR) 10 YEARSSteel Structures, RCC Structures, Estimation & Costing.
12Mr. KIRANASSISTANT PROFESSORM.Tech (GT), (Ph.D) 7 YEARSGeotechnical Engineering. Ground Improvement techniquies, Earth and Earth Retaining Structures.
13Mrs. SMITHA GOWDA M SASSISTANT PROFESSORM.Tech (CT), (Ph.D)6 YEARSConstruction Management, Concrete Technology.
14Ms. KUMUDA VASSISTANT PROFESSORM.Tech (STR) 6 YEARSStructural Analysis, Concrete Technology, Surveying.
15Mr. SUNNY KASSISTANT PROFESSORM.Tech (STR) 4 YEARSConcrete Technology, Earthquake resisting Structures, Bridge Engineering, .
16Mrs. SWAPNA GOWDA RASSISTANT PROFESSORM.E (GT) 3 YEARSGeotechnical Engineering, Highway Engineering.