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The Alumni Association of EWIT maintains and enhances a highly engaged vibrant community of alumni and friends worldwide. The latter was formed on 23rd February 2007. EWIT Alumni Association approximately has more than 20000 alumni. The purpose of the EWITAA is to promote the welfare of EWIT and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between EWIT and its alumni. The EWITAA also plays a critical role in fostering alumni-to-alumni connections opportunities. EWIT Alumni contribute their time, energy and expertise to help EWIT fraternity grow, develop and prosper.

Objectives of EWIT Alumni Association:

  • To develop interaction or help to increase interaction between the Institute and alumni and also between present students and alumni of the institute.
  • To Provide industrial training, student internships, placement and other facilities to the present students
  • Organize value added activities to the students such as personality development, guest lectures, seminars, research events etc.
  • Provide consultations, services, testing facilities to industries associated with alumni.
  • Encourage educational, cultural, sports and other activities
  • Publish journals, newsletters, books and other professional materials for circulation among its members.
  • Assist the faculty and students of EWIT in various value-added activities like curriculum development, sponsored research projects, case study development, etc.
  • Extend possible Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) service to the local community.
  • Help the institution for establishing a centre of excellence through the support of Alumni.